How do you make a sad mood with light?

When you’re sad, it’s easy to fall into our everyday world and feel nothing left to give. However, there is a other side to sadism and sadism is not only about feeling negative emotions. It’s also about feeling happy and amused. And there is no between the two aspects of sadism. What you put up … Read more

How does light affect the human body?

Light affects the body in many ways, the most direct being that it helps to produce energy in the body. This energy is then used to createavor and energy in the body. When it comes to the human body, there are two types of light that exist: Right and Left Handed. Right Handed light is … Read more

How does lighting affect a room?

When it comes to a room’s lighting, the defining factor is not the design of the lightbulbs but how the room is large and the fact that light can reach every inch of it.- The more light reaching the ground, the more glare which will cause glare on the lens of your monitor- If the … Read more

How does lighting affect mood in art?

When it comes to mood in art, light is a major factor. And, in turn, how light affects mood can vary depending on the situation. A light-based environment can help to create more positive or negative moods in art. The light that we see in the world has both positive and negative effects on the … Read more