How to Prevent Circadian Rhythm Disorder

Circadian rhythm, better known as your body’s internal clock, controls many daily activities, especially the sleep-sleep cycle. A circadian rhythm disorder is essentially a form of sleep disorder in which your sleep-sleep cycle is out of sync. This disease is a result of external environmental factors, like extreme temperatures and bright lights or noises, affecting … Read more

Circadian Rhythm 24 Hour Chart

You’ve heard of the circadian rhythm chart, haven’t you? It’s a chart showing the sleep/waking cycles by the hour. If you’ve ever seen a melatonin clock, you know this: The clock doesn’t work in isolation…it needs an external, time-telling source to keep running. The circadian clock is the source of time, and its job is … Read more

Re-align Your Circadian Rhythm and Supercharge Your Body To Loose Weight

The circadian rhythm is a natural phenomenon within our bodies that help to keep our internal clocks (brain’s) on time. Our natural circadian rhythm keeps the internal ticking clock of the body on track. It helps to allow us to fall asleep at a reasonable hour and stay asleep through the night without disruption. As … Read more

The Two Hormones That Control The Circadian Rhythm

The circadian rhythm controls two hormones which either make you extremely sleepy or wake you up at night. These are known as cortisol and melatonin. When you have a regular cycle, the brain’s natural clock or the circadian rhythm, slowly releases these hormones to inform the body about the time it is day or night. … Read more