Reset Circadian Rhythm with Natural Melatonin

How to adjust to a new circadian rhythm is one of the important question for people who have problems sleeping. It is necessary that we always keep in pace with the clock of nature. When it is time to sleep, the body will adjust to the environment for getting the right sleep at the right time. If we try to get to sleep in the old routine, the body will not be able to adjust to the new rhythm. We need to be in the habit of going to bed at the same time everyday.

There are various products available in the market which contain controlled release melatonin. Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland and is a hormone responsible for our sleep and wake up cycles. In the natural rhythm, melatonin production should be about twice as high as the secretion of other hormones during the day. People feel sleepy or fatigued after long hours of sleep and waking up is very difficult in such situations. In such cases controlled release melatonin helps a lot.

Some people, who work in night shifts, face problems sleeping. They have a problem in falling asleep or staying asleep. It is true that people who work at night shifts will feel fatigued easily. Melatonin production will also be reduced due to lack of sunlight, as people spend more time indoors. There are over-the-counter melatonin pills available in the market, which help people to overcome this problem.

Problems related to sleep and waking up can be easily overcome by using melatonin. The level of melatonin in our body should be in the normal level. However, if our body experiences some type of trouble and its production level is different, our sleep quality will also be disturbed. People need to go through some problems like shift change before they can adjust to the new sleeping pattern.

Many people suffer from jetlag. They face difficulty in adjusting to their new time zone. If we sleep at noon, then it will be very difficult for us to sleep at night. People should go through some practice of shifting their bedtime to the new time zone. In some cases people can even fall asleep earlier by sleeping at different time of the day.

Some people suffer from insomnia. They have problems sleeping and dreaming. In such conditions, they should go through some melatonin supplements. People should also avoid caffeine and nicotine in the evening. This is because smoking and caffeine affect melatonin level and disrupt sleep onset.

Some people suffer from chronic sleeping problems. They wake up in the morning feeling tired and they are not able to do much. It is not difficult to get tired, but people should try to make healthy lifestyle choices, so as to remain physically and mentally fit and in shape. One should consume healthy food items, which contain melatonin. Taking melatonin tablet will help to reset the circadian rhythm, by reducing feelings of drowsiness, during sleep.

Melatonin is produced in higher levels, in some people when they are in deep sleep. Melatonin level starts to decrease, when we wake up in the morning. In such condition, melatonin supplements can help people overcome their chronic sleeping problems. It is recommended to take a melatonin supplement, before going to bed, to avoid jetlag.

When taking melatonin, it should be taken as soon as the sun sets, so as to optimally absorb it. Melatonin levels fall considerably, when body temperature increases. People must take melatonin supplement, to reduce sleepiness and increase physical health.

Although melatonin has a great impact on sleep and circadian rhythm, too much of it can have some serious consequences. It is strongly advised to avoid melatonin levels, which may be above the normal level, because it can have adverse effects on human health. It may increase the risk of cancer, depression, Diabetes, obesity, and some other serious health conditions. However, there are some melatonin manufacturers, who produce liquid and tablet forms of the hormone, which can be taken for short periods of time.

The best way to get sufficient amount of melatonin is to take melatonin supplement, before going to bed. Liquid and tablet forms of the hormone are available easily in the market. Liquid forms are more effective, as it is dissolved in the stomach acid. Tablets are easily digested and do not contain any stomach acid. Hence, it is recommended to use melatonin to reset circadian rhythm, if necessary.