Do colored lights affect your mood?

There is something about big modifiers that makes my mood go up and make me feel happy. Especially when I’m under the lighted modifier.

That’s right, you too can be under a modifier and feel great! Remember, it’s not about how good your mood is like; it’s about how good your mood is!

There are all sorts of different lights out there that can affect your mood. And, when you’re under a modifier, you can’t avoid these lights.

Each time a light is turned on, you’re like “What?”

It’s as if you’re looking at a wall of taxidermy and you’re only seeing a part of it. The parts that are being used to create your mood.

The things that make you happy also make you creative and idea-based. So, when you’re under a modifier and don’t have a lot of light, what do you do to get high?

You could use a light stand to get up in a high state of mind. or you could use a light phone app to read your phone at night.

whichever one you use, make sure to enjoy your time with friends and family while you can!