Effects Of Uv Light On Nails

When it comes to the effects of UV light on nails, we could say everything we need to know to whether or not it’s is beneficial or harmful. Two studies that come to mind both found that Uv light is beneficial for healthy nails. However, there are also a couple studies that found it to be harmful, which means the results could be different if those studies were used to begin with. So, what’s the story?

The studies seem to suggest that Uv light is bad for your nails in a few ways. First, it causes the nails to become dry and cracked. Second, it’s know to cause bacteria to grow in the nails and also to cause a number of harmful things to happen. Third, the Uv light makes the nails dry and brittle. Finally, the Uv light can also cause the nails to develop bacteria, which can lead to a number of problems. So, in the end, it seems like the results of Uv light on nails might be different depending on the study used to get the results.