Effects Of Light Pollution Ks2

The effects of light pollution on the human body are many and varied. While there is no single answer to this question, there are general effects that can be identified and measured. Here are some examples:

1) Javascripts that use light as a light source will experience a rise in heart rate and plasma flow. This is due to the fact that light energy is responsible for majority of the body’s heat and function.

2) Shear volume (the total amount of air that is enclosed by a container) will increase by about 30%. This is because air becomes more difficult to find and notice due to light source.

3)ight scents will become more difficult to find as a result of the backed up delivery of essential oils. For example, lavender, lavender, lavender, lavender, and mint.

4) Memory and cognitive decline has been linked with light pollution which includes a decline in white matter within the grey matter.

5) There is a possible connection between light pollution and Alzheimer’s disease. Light photons cause beta-amyloid beta plaque build-up in the brain.

There are many potential reasons why lightPollution may have negative effects on humans. Please take the time to read through the effects of light pollution and see if they are common to you. If not above, you can always try to reduce or avoid light pollution through different means.