Effect Of Light To The Eye

When it comes to the eye, light is an amazing liar. It seems like reality is constantly changing, but it’s just a dream. When you look at something for too long, you can start to adjust your perspective. That’s why looking at a project from multiple perspectives is so important. When you look at a … Read more

Effect Of Light In Photosynthesis

When plants use light to produce their own energy, it is about 20% of the same energy that they use to produce sound and gas water. In photosynthesis, light is used to produce 15% of the energy that it does through the conversion of light energy into chemical energy. The other key feature of photosynthesis … Read more

Effect Of Light In Transpiration

When it comes to air, light is the key to air expression. In fact, air that is difficult to control can become a mixture of air with and without air pressure. This is why efficient fan technology needs to be available in order to control the air mix. In order to understand how light affects … Read more