Effects Of Light Color On Mood

When it comes to mood, light color can have a huge impact. For example, shades of blue can make you feel more relaxed, upbeat, and confident. Bluenoses, which are generally found in professions where protection is essential, can also make you feel happy, content, and confident. Bluenoses are often seen as stylish and can be … Read more

Effect Of Lighting Quality On Productivity And Human Health

By: Linda McMahon, Ph.D. Lighting quality and productivity is a complex question with no definitive answer. Some factors to consider include the type of light source, the quality of light, the design of the light source, the angle of light, the light’s intensity, and the person’s mood. Some experts believe that a well- designed light … Read more

Why Does Light Affect Photosynthesis

As we usual take for granted, the processes that occur in our eyes when we take pictures and post them online are the primary reason why they are used to produce energy in the first place. When we take pictures and post them online, the light that is available to provide energy for our body … Read more