Effects Of Light Deprivation On Humans

As people, humans have been affected by the sun and other forms of light for centuries. Here at last is the light chapter in our life.

When we don’t have the sun shining on us, we might feel lost and confused. For example, one study found that when people are living in darkness or a place where only the light of the sun is present, people’s levels of anxiety and stress are higher.

In addition, when we lack the light D ofcourse, we become creatures oflaw and order. The law because we need light to make choices by which we can benefit society as a whole. The order because we need light to see our way to the future.

So when you are feeling lost and confused, or even feeling anxious and stressed, it might be helpful to look to the light. To find your way and to benefit society as a whole, it is important to have the light on our side.